At Chess Global Trade Corporation

W We are led by the highest standards of honesty and integrity. We are committed to conducting business, ethically and in accordance with the applicable laws of the countries as we operate. We go to extreme lengths to foster a free and open atmosphere that encourages employees to make inquiries, raise questions, express work-related concerns or report any kind of violations including those of law and relevant policies or procedures.

We distill in our team the need to make the right and ethical decisions for our vendors, customers, employees, and those we serve.

Chess Global Trade Corp. is a leading supplier of wide-ranging Goods & Services to diverse government and private institutions worldwide.

We are led by the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Buildings and Structures

Chess Global Trade Corp. is a supplier to multiple organizations worldwide that are active in the development/construction of civilian and military buildings.

Appliances and Entertainment Equipment

Our customers require a significantly diverse array of appliances and related spare parts for their staff to operate out of their bases world-wide.


Chess Global Trade Corp. provides Helicopter, corporate and commercial jet leasing and sales services to a wide number of operators world-wide.

We are led by the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Power Plant Machinery and Field Equipment

Chess provides power plant machinery and specialized equipment “on the field” for a plethora of diverse operations to be delivered at construction sites, existing operating facilities or camps in remote locations.

Lifts, Elevators, Escalators, Cranes and Automation Systems

Chess provides Lifts, Escalators and in general people movers when building a new site or upgrading an existing one.

Renewable Energy Sources Equipment

Chess Global Corp. specializes in the supply of solar photovoltaics, wind turbines and the necessary equipment to operate such.

We are led by the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Air, Land And Sea Vehicles & Related Spare Parts

Chess supplies governments and multinationals with a diverse selection of vehicles and the required spare parts to operate and repair them.

Mechanical, Electric / Electronic Equipments

Chess provides mechanical, electric / electronic equipment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and plumbing, tubing fittings.

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A growing number of multinational and Fortune 500 companies are working with Chess Global Trade Corp. to support their operations globally.